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Abregova Asiyat Aslanovna, Lawyer, nonprofit bar organization «Maikop Law Center» (38 Zhukovskogo street, Maikop, Russia);  postgraduate student, Kuban State Agricultural University (13 Kalinina street, Krasnodar, Russia),

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Background. The changes in the public procurement system, caused by a large number of enforcement problems necessitate studying the essence of the state contract institute as one of the ways to solve them. One of the most pressing problems is the problem of determining the legal, civil or administrative, nature of government contracts, government procurement and government order. The purpose of the paper is the analysis of the legal nature of the government contract.
Materials and methods. The implementation of the research objectives was achieved through
analyzing the legal norms of the Russian legislation governing the conclusion and execution of government contracts, as well as the order of formation of the government order. Studying various points of view on this issue expressed by the leading domestic law theorists has played a special role in the research. The methodological potential includes general scientific methods (dialectical analysis, synthesis, analogy, induction, deduction) and special scientific methods (systematic, linguistic, technical and comparative legal), which allows us to compare different viewpoints on the legal nature of the government contract as a special legal phenomenon found in such law sources as acts of legislation, court enforcement practice and administrative
and civil law doctrine positions.
Results. The problem of determining the legal nature of the government contract has been regarded, its nature has been considered from the standpoint of administrative and civil law researchers, as well as from the position of the legislator, the arguments to refute or confirm them have been given, our own position on the issue has been justified.
Conclusions. Studying the legal phenomenon of the government contract allowed to reveal its civil legal nature and conclude that this juridical issue holds a special position among the legal civil contract patterns, being in the same line with the contract of adhesion, preliminary agreement, public contract, beneficiary contract enumerated in the General Part of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Key words

government contract, government procurement, government order

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